TPV Solutions

Smart verification system

Welcome to TPV Solutions Transformative, AI Based Solution

The fastest growing Third-party verification (TPV) in the energy vertical is leveraging forward thinking cloud-based technology and robust functionality to reduce your operations costs and meet stringent regulatory policies.

We built a smart and intuitive platform powered by advanced tools from Twilio and hosted on AWS that is both versatile and scalable.

Retail Energy Providers share the same problems

Acquisition is tough

Enrolling new customers at scale is
getting more challenging and expensive

Necessary regulatory compliance

Violating regulations pose an existential risk to business and consumer protection is the key

Inefficient systems

Legacy systems affects productivity and makes it difficult to react in real-time

The Next Generation of Third-Party Verification

Fast, accurate, and reliable verifications

We understand that in today’s fast-paced business environment, time is of the essence, which is why we have built our platform to deliver results in real-time.

Advanced transcribe features and instant analytics update allow companies to monitor and track their verification activities efficiently. It enables them to make data-driven decisions that boost growth and profitability.

Self-configurable Products and Scripts with Ease

Support TPVs for Voice, Text and Live Agents

Advanced Reporting and Quality Control tools

Easy integration with EDI and CRM systems

Real-time User-friendly Dashboards

Whether, you are a startup energy supplier or a well-established energy company, we have both the products and pricing structure to meet your needs that allows you to grow with us.

Our sophisticated and technologically advanced platform backed by exceptional customer service facilitates our clients with the edge needed in today’s competitive deregulated energy vertical.